Heian Godan


HEIAN GODAN – “Peaceful Mind Number Five”

The Fifth and the final kata in the Heian series, this kata is without a doubt the most popular of all the Heian katas. This kata amongst other things, is noted for the introduction of a jump from one facing position to another, a new kicking technique, chudan-mika-zuki-geri (middle level inside crescent kick), two new hand techniques, chudan-mawashi-zuki (middle level round house punch), and jodan-shuto-juji-uke (upper level open hand X block).There are two kiai points in Heian Godan , the first one occurs on the chudan-oi-zuki (middle level lunge punch) at the top of the “I” of the embusen (line of attack), and the second one occurs when you are at the top of the “I” of the embusen (line of attack) for the second time, the kiai should begin the moment you start the jump and continue until you land in a kosa-dachi (cross legged stance). This kata contains 25 movements and should take the student approximately 45 seconds to complete, to finish the kata from the last movement, leave your left foot in place and withdrawing your right foot, stand up and face forward in a hachiji-dachi (natural stance), now bring your left foot half way in towards your right foot, and your right foot half way in towards your left foot, and at the same time bring your hands to your sides, standing in heisoku-dachi (attention stance), rei (bow), now step out with your left foot, then your right foot and stand once again in hachiji-dachi (natural stance).

Heian Godan

Number of moves 23

1st Kia movement 12

2nd Kia movement 19

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