Hangetzu has 41 movements

Kiai is at movement 11 and movement 40

  • HANGETSU “Half Moon”
    Named for the semi-circular movements of the hands and feet Hangetsu was originally known by the Okinawan name of Seisan and it is one of the oldest katas known to exist. It is very effective for close in attacks, and the circular leg movements are an excellent way of unbalancing your opponent. This kata introduces several new techniques such as a gedan-gassho-uke (lower level double palm heel block), as well as a unique combination of basic hand and foot techniques.There are two kiai points in Hangetsu, the first one occurs quite early in the kata on the first turning combination which is comprised of a shuto-chudan-uchi-uke and shuto-gedan-barai (middle level sword hand inside outward block, and a lower level sword hand block), and the second kiai occurs on the second to the last movement of the kata, a gedan-zuki (lower level punch). This kata contains 41 movements and should take the student approximately one minute (60 seconds) to complete. To finish the kata from the last movement, leave your right foot in place and withdraw your left foot and stand up facing forward in a hachiji-dachi (natural stance), now bring your left foot half way in towards your right foot, and your right foot half way in towards your left foot, and finish with your hands at your sides, rei (bow)

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