Jion has 47 Movements

Kia is at movement 17 and movement 47

  • JION “Temple Sound”
    The first in a series of three katas, Jion puts the emphasis on teaching a student how to deal with rotational movements, and directional shifts, and is a good kata for a strong powerful student. Jion introduces several new techniques such as a series of three consecutive chudan-teisho-yoko-uke(middle level side palm heel block), and a chudan-uchi-otoshi (middle level falling block).There are two kiai points in Jion, the first one occurs on the third jodan-soto-uke (upper level forearm block) at the top of the “I” of the embusen (line of attack), and the second one occurs on the very last movement of the kata a chudan-yoko-zuki (middle level side punch). This kata contains 47 movements and should take the student approximately one minute (60 seconds) to complete. To finish the kata from the last movement, leave your left foot in placeand withdrawing your right foot to your left foot, stand and finish with with your hands in front of you in the yoi (ready) position identical to the start of the kata, now bring your hands to your sides and stand in heisoku-dachi (attention stance), now rei (bow), now step out with your left foot, then your right foot and stand once again in hachiji-dachi (natural stance). 

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