Kanku Dai



  • KANKU DAI “Looking to the Sky”
    The first of the two katas in the Kanku series Kanku Dai is one of the longest katas in Shotokan karate and is said to take its name from a Chinese General who came to Okinawa as an envoy. The kata gets it’s meaning from the first set of movements in this kata, it has been said that Kanku Daiwas Gichin Funakoshi Sensei’s favorite kata, and the one he most liked seeing his students perform. This kata introduces several new techniques such as ryo-sho-hiji-tate-fuse (both hands and elbows taking cover) and a chudan-ni-mae-geri (double middle level kick). The term “Dai” means “greater” and refers to the length and strength of this kata.There are two kiai points in this Kanku Dai, the first one occurs on the chudan-nukite-zuki (middle level sword hand strike), and the second one occurs on the second to last movement in the kata a chudan-ni-mae-geri (double middle level kick). This kata contains 65 movements and should take the student approximately one and a half minutes (90 seconds) to complete. To finish the kata from the last movement, since your are already in a yoi (ready) stance facing forward, simply bring your left foot half way in towards your right foot, and your right foot half way in towards your left foot, and finish with your hands at your sides, rei (bow)
  • Kanku Dai
  • Number of movements 65
  • 1st Kia movement 15
  • 2nd Kia movement 65

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