Tekkie Sandan


  • TEKKI SAN DAN “Iron Horse Number Three”
    The third and last kata in the series Tekki San Dan, like it’s predecessor’s was created by Gichin Funakoshi sensei’s teacher, Master Itosu. Probably the most popular of the three Tekki katas Tekki San Dan offers the student little in the way of new techniques and instead can be best summed up as the end product of what was once one single continuous kata that originally linked all three Tekki katas together.There are two kiai points in Tekki San Dan, the first one occurs on the first jodan-shita-zuki (upper level rising punch) on the left side half way through the kata and the second kiai occurs on the last movement of the kata which is the second jodan-shita-zuki upper level rising punch) only this time on the right side of the body. This kata contains 22 movements and should take approximately 45 seconds to complete. To finish the kata from the last movement,leave your left foot in place, withdraw your right foot and stand in a yoi (ready) position identical to the start of the kata, bring your hands to your sides, rei(bow).

Tekki Sandan

Number of movements 36

1st Kia movement 16

2nd Kia movement 36



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